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Coir Bulk

Coir Bulk

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Coir is a natural fiber extracted from coconut husks. It is an eco-friendly alternative to peat moss and is widely used in planting and gardening.

Add between 10-40% coir to your soil.

Besides the use of coconut coir as a liner for hanging baskets, the material is commonly used as an ingredient of potting mixes for starting seeds. It is also used for garden beds and container plants, as well as a soilless mix for hydroponics and climbing plants.

Coconut coir is also used as a soil amendment for any type of soil. It improves the air porosity of soils, even when wet, and aids in moisture retention. Coconut coir absorbs 30 percent more water than peat and is much easier to re-wet when dry. It helps loosen the texture of clay soil and improve drainage. It also allows sandy soil to hold onto water longer.

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