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Dairy Doo 1 cf Bag

Dairy Doo 1 cf Bag

SKU: 2601
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*High carbon, high quality compost.

*Rejuvenate tired soil w/ 1/4-1/2" top dress.

*Increase biology with live microbes.

*Adds organic matter to hold nutrients

*Improves soil structure, binding sand & loosening clay.

*Do not plant in directly.

DAIRY DOO is our signature compost- a powerhouse in improving soil health. The added biology and carbon helps plants fully utilize existing nutrients or added fertilizers, giving you the biggest bang for your buck on all the products you use! DAIRY DOO is not like the compost created in backyards or traditional compost sites. It has a specific recipe, is closely monitored, and is thermophilic which eliminates all weed seeds and pathogens. This high-quality product binds sandy soils AND loosens clay while releasing nutrients for plant availability. This premium soil amendment is available in one cubic foot bags, super sacks, and semi-load quantities.

Use with: All crops, greenhouses, gardens, lawns, deer food plots, and potted plants

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