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Evolution Polymeric / Joint Sand - Beige

Evolution Polymeric / Joint Sand - Beige

SKU: 2236
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*For joints 1/8" - 4" wide.

*No-haze formula.

*Minimum temperature for installation 32 F.

*15 yr proven exceptional performance.

*Natural color from natural sand, quartz and granite. No dyes or pigments and no fading.

*Won't change the original aspect of pavers.

*More flexible movement than mortar.

*Safe to use near swimming pools.

*Works in high vehicular traffic applications.

*Works for flat or sloped surface installations.

*Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles.

*Resistant to salt and acids cleaners.

*Fast setting and drying time.

*Helps prevent weed growth and ant hills.

*Used indoors with minimum 3/4" depth.
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