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Our Story

As early as I can remember, I was captivated by the work of my father. He supplied construction and landscaping materials. After school I would rush to RNW, bagging sand and soils at a young age. Rock & Wood Age as it was then called was home to me. Over the years, RNW brought many 1st to the area. My father wanted to improve the quality of soil so he purchased a soil screening/processing plant. RNW was the 1st to bring screened soil to the area and it greatly improved the quality of soil. Later, RNW brought red color enhanced mulch to the area and sold it for insulation at the local Super Kmart and the new color took off.


I began to realized the ordinary topsoil that everyone was using was just that…ordinary. Sure, grass grew and flowers stayed alive but nothing flourished. I wanted to amend the choices of soil to allow plants to thrive! Soil blends for veggies and flowers that bring eye-catching colors to plants.


Over the years we used the knowledge and experience to grow our soil options to serve every plant. We know quality is the key ingredient to helping plants bloom. Our mixes are designed to give everyone a green thumb! Good soil wasn’t good enough anymore, people wanted soils that take out the guesswork. We were here, ready to deliver.


“Our mixes are designed to give everyone a green thumb!”

We work every day to impress, homeowner and contractors alike. We have a full-service landscape supply yard. Including the top lines of brick pavers, natural stone, mulches with lighting and water feature options. All of our landscape products are of the highest quality, keeping true to our beginnings.

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