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Chilean Nitrate

What is it?

Chilean Nitrate is a mined source of highly soluble nitrogen. It is used in agricultural production systems as a fertilizer where traditional methods of cover cropping, rotations, and composting are considered inadequate sources of nitrogen in terms of timing, solubility, and/or form.

Chilean Nitrate (15-0-2) does cause significant carbon losses since it has no recognizable C:N profile. Without taking into account the implications of carbon credits, additional carbon may be needed to maintain the proper C:N profile. As sodium tends to accumulate if not flushed or accounted for, this can also change water availability, creating sodic soils that displace other cations. Calculated calcium applications will help leach out sodic soils if this happens.

How to use it?

The use of Chilean Nitrate (15-0-2) in Organic crop production is limited to not more than 20 percent of total nitrogen supplied to a crop. The producer's Farm Plan shall contain specific provisions and strategies designed to substantially reduce the use of Chilean Nitrate over time.

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