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Iron Sulfate

  • 30% FE

  • Lowers pH of soil

  • Treat iron deficiencies

What is it?

Promoting Greener Lawns: For homeowners aiming for lush green lawns, Iron Sulfate is a valuable tool. Its ability to address iron deficiencies and promote healthy chlorophyll production leads to greener grass. Apply a diluted solution of Iron Sulfate to your lawn, following the recommended rates, to achieve that vibrant green appearance.

How to Apply?

In pots, it is more common to simply change the substrate for a specific one for acidophilic plants, which already have a suitable pH.

In irrigation water, the proportion tends to be 0.8 tsp (3 grams) per liter, while in the soil it is usual to use about 10 tsp 40 grams per square meter.

The application will not work in both cases if we do not stop watering with running water or if we do not rest it beforehand. Even so, it is important to read the specifications and specific indications of each product and make sure to follow them.

If iron chlorosis is not stopped quickly, the health of the plant will get worse and worse until it ends up having fatal results, so you must always act quickly.

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