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Zeolite is a naturally-occurring mineral that has a number of benefits for gardening. When added to soil, zeolite can help retain moisture and nutrients, improve soil structure, and even help reduce harmful chemical buildup.

*Slow release carrier of nutrients.

*Absorbs smell & nutrients.

*Helps to detoxify & improve soil structure.

*10-50 lb per 1,000 sf.

*2,000 lb Bulk Bag


How to use it?

Zeolite higher CEC (cation exchange capacity) detoxify. Volcanic mineral, absorbs heavy metals. Absorbs nutrients and releases slowly. Stores oxygen. 40lb per yard

The main plots were three zeolite application rates

(0, 5, and 10 t ha −1; Z 0, Z 5, and Z 10 ). Within each main plot were subplots subjected to three K application rates (0, 30, and 60 kg ha −1; K 0, K 30, and K 60 ). Zeolite was only applied in the first year while K was applied in both years.

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