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Blood Meal Bulk Bag

Blood Meal Bulk Bag

SKU: 2837-BB
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*2-4 lb per 100 sq ft

*Breaks down compost piles faster

*Traditional organic fertilizer that promotes rapid growth

*2,000 lb Bulk Bag

Blood meal is a byproduct of slaughterhouses and is essentially dried animal blood. It is a water-soluble fertilizer that can be applied as a liquid. Its addition to soil increases nitrogen levels very efficiently. Nitrogen levels tend to fluctuate readily in soils, as many plants are heavy feeders of nitrogen. This is particularly beneficial if your planting beds are used year after year and are susceptible to nutrient depletion.

Feeds vegetable plants that are heavy feeders of nitrogen. Such plants include asparagus, broccoli, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, melons, peppers, pumpkins, squash, and tomatoes.

It keeps plants fruiting, flowering and encourages lush green foliage.

Use the intense smelling blood meal fertilizer to deter deer, moles, or ground squirrels.

Blood meal fertilizers can help adjust your soil pH.

Lasts for 6-8 weeks between applications.

If multiple growing seasons have depleted the soil of nutrients, blood meal can revitalize the soil to a more balanced state.

The addition of too much nitrogen can burn plants, so use sparingly.
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