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Elemental Sulfur 15 lb Bag

Elemental Sulfur 15 lb Bag

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Elemental Sulfur is a common soil amendment used in gardening and farming to lower the pH level of alkaline soil. It is an essential nutrient for plants that need acidic soil to thrive, such as blueberries, camellias, and rhododendrons.

*(85-90% Sulfur)

*Lowers pH of soil.

*Improves soil microbial health.

*Blueberries, azaleas & rhododendrons.

Sulfur is the tenth most abundant element by mass in the universe and the fifth most abundant on Earth. Though sometimes found in pure, native form, sulfur on Earth usually occurs as sulfide and sulfate minerals.

CONTAINS: 85-90% Sulfur

USE ON: Lawns, shrubs, trees and before planting vegetables or flowers.

FOR: The correction of high pH of soils.
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