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Feather Meal 3 lb Bag

Feather Meal 3 lb Bag

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Feather Meal is a type of organic fertilizer that is made from ground-up feathers. It is a great source of nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for plant growth.


*Slow release nitrogen source.

*Increases green leaf growth.

*Stimulates soil biology.

*Improves soil structure.

*5 lb per 100 sf, mix into top 3" of soil.

Feather Meal is a popular choice among organic gardeners because it's a rich source of nitrogen. Feather Meal contains up to 15% nitrogen.

Feather Meal is a good source of proteins and amino acids.

Feather Meal is also a good alternative to blood meal. Unlike Blood Meal, which breaks down relatively quickly over a matter of a few weeks, Feather Meal is semi-slow-release, keeping your plants nourished for several months.

Add Feather Meal to your compost heap to help nourish beneficial microbes so they can keep breaking nutrients down for your fruits and veggies to enjoy.
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