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Humates Source 11 Powder (Leonardite) Bulk Bag

Humates Source 11 Powder (Leonardite) Bulk Bag

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*Humic, fulvic & ulmic acid, key to living soil.

*Purest form of natural organic carbon.

*Boosts crop production.

*Strengthens root development.

*Improves soil quality.*2,000 lb Bulk Bag

Humates also called Leonardite.

Sizes: Source 11, Source Coarse & Source X are often referred to as this (like 22A, we know as Driveway Mix, even though it's actually the size)

A soft, dark colored, mineraloid (essentially, but not technically a mineral) that contains high concentrations of the active humic acid (>65%) and fulvic acid (apx 4%). Does humic and fulvic sound familiar to anyone?

Fulvic helps plants absorb.

Humic helps plants retain.

So Humates has both those qualities, absorbing and retaining. Like Elemental Sulfur, Humates has a long term effect but not fast acting. For fast acting we would use the liquids.

As a soil amendment, Humates is a great option for adding organic matter to lower quality or tired soils and will improve the texture, moisture holding capacity as well as some ability to neutralize pH levels. So you would not use this in a soil you're trying to keep acidic, like for blueberries or azaleas.
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