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Kelp Meal 2 lb Bag

Kelp Meal 2 lb Bag

SKU: 2752-2
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Multi-purpose plant food

*1-0-2 1% Ca 1/2% Mg 2% sulfur

*Made from dried ocean seaweed.

*Full of beneficial micro- & macro-nutrients.

*Improves plants resistance to disease.

*Boosts leaf production.

*Enhances crop size.

*Improves germination & root growth.

*2 lb per 100 sf, mix into top 3? of soil.

Kelp seaweed is a type of marine algae, brown in color, and has a huge growth size. A product of our nutrient-rich oceans, Kelp is often mixed with fish products and used as a fertilizer to encourage healthier plant growth, promote greater fruit and vegetable yields, and to overall enhance the general appearance of a garden or plant specimen.

Organic Kelp fertilizer is valued for its micro-nutrients as well as its macro-nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Kelp fertilizer is available in three forms. These include extracts, such as Kelp Meal or powder, cold processed (usually a liquid), and enzymatically digested liquid forms, which are used to super power nutrient deficient soils.
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