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Organic Mechanics Biochar Blend 1 cf Bag

Organic Mechanics Biochar Blend 1 cf Bag

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Biochar is made by burning organic materials at a high temperature in the absence of oxygen. It is a popular soil amendment that is used to enhance soil fertility and improve plant growth. Biochar is typically mixed with other organic materials to create a biochar blend that can be used in planting.

Alfalfa Meal, Azomite, Castings, Kelp Meal & Zeolite





To use biochar blend in planting, begin by preparing the soil. Remove any weeds, rocks, or other debris from the planting area. Then, spread a layer of the biochar blend over the soil and mix it in thoroughly. The biochar will help to improve the soil structure and water retention, as well as provide a habitat for beneficial microorganisms.

Once the biochar blend has been mixed into the soil, it is time to plant your seeds or seedlings. Make sure to follow the planting instructions for the specific type of plant you are growing. Water the plants regularly to ensure that they receive the moisture they need to grow.

Using a biochar blend in planting can help to improve soil fertility, water retention, and plant growth. To use biochar blend, prepare the soil, mix in the biochar blend, and then plant your seeds or seedlings. With regular watering and care, you should see healthy, thriving plants in no time.