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Poultry Doo 2-4-2 Bulk Bulk

Poultry Doo 2-4-2 Bulk Bulk

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*Composted layer manure.

*1/2" on top or mix before planting.

*Adds organic matter and carbon to your soil.

*Complete nutrient profile.

*Active microbiology to benefit your soil.

*Do not plant in directly.

What is it?
Chicken Manure Compost
- Chicken Manure maybe best quality for gardens (then sheep, then cow)
- only caution is overuse. (high bio activity="too hot")
- Chicken Less available volume than cow in US, but more than sheep
- Answer for best use=composted manure (Poultry Doo)

What is it used for?
- Farming amendment (likely layer manure, for cost)
- Gardening amendment (better control with compost)

What are the benefits?
- more consistent quality raw product (chicken more controlled diet)
- Best value is compost, more often combined with others
- less expensive (chickens drink more water)
- more potent nutrient content (high Nitrogen, especially)
- heavy biological activity (aids decomp of bio material [previous crop])
- composted means food safe
- Morgan Poultry Doo can be certified organic

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