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Tree'nShrub Bulk

Tree'nShrub Bulk

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*Best soil for planting trees & shrubs.

*Dairy Doo to boost growth and biology.

*Poultry Doo jump starts growth.

*Nutrients designed for trees and shrubs.

*Good drainage mix w/ aged forest products.

*Weed Free and Organic!

To get your newly planted trees and shrubs off to a strong start, we recommend using Tree’nShrub Mix at the time of planting. Tree’nShrub Mix is an organic tree and shrub compost that gives your plants stronger bark, healthier foliage and fruit, and great healing properties all due to long-lasting minerals and beneficial microbes in our mix.

Tree’nShrub Mix can also be used as a soil amendment and can be worked into the soil around existing plants. It is ideal for established fruit trees and horticulture plants