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Earth Day

95% of our food comes from soil! We would like to see our soil, healthy fertile, which produces more food. Sadly poor land management has destroyed healthy soil. The overuse of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide has led to runoff into our water supply.

Healthy soil eliminates the use of synthetic fertilizers and filters our air and water. For example, almost all of RNW's garden soils include Zeolite. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that helps clean the soil and water by locking up heavy metals and reducing fertilizer runoff. And through a process called CEC, it improves plant uptake of minerals which increases plant yield.

What can we do? As we celebrate Earth Day, talk about soil and the choice we make in managing soil with others. Avoid synthetic fertilizers and reduce the use of pesticides. Everything starts with individuals and grows from there.

We want a healthier life and it starts below us with soil health!

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